Welcome to a Brighter Future

At T.U.B. Man Life Inc, we aim to help bring peoples' dreams back to life, and make them a reality.  We sincerely believe in the equality of Man, that no soul be left to the wayside if we have the power to lend a hand.

About Us


Our Purpose


T.U.B. Man Life Inc. is built on Sober Transition. We not only build up character, we build up people as well. With a sober environment comprised of structured house chores, community events, job, education, and legal assistance, it is our intent to improve the overall quality of peoples lives. Our primary purpose is to elevate our clients to Independent Living. Our conviction and commitment to their success defines us.


Our Destiny


Our destiny is to reach beyond the state of homelessness and help repair people. Instilling a sense of work ethics, providing/adding values and skills, and promoting higher education and trade to illicit a stronger, and more independent individual who will never have to revisit homelessness again. Psychological, physical, and recovery restoration programs are provided in addition to help resolve debilitations that would limit and/or prevent successful independent living transition.


Our Dream

It is our dream to see our beloved fallen, and loss members of society return to self sufficiency. "Let no hand go untouched, no mouth; unfed, that we may all relish in the small comforts of peaceful living."


Our Founder

Terry Butler is a well known and active member in the Recovery Field.  A long-time friend of Bill, and advocator for restoration and rehabilitation, Terry believes that every human being should be offered a second chance.  Taking up the mantle of his own life experiences, Terry has come together with other like-minded individuals to establish an effective means by which any person of destitute can find such restoration and recovery.


The First House

Here at 145 W 70th St., Los Angeles, CA 90003, is where the vision began: a duplex supporting 22 individuals in comfort with amendities.  It is here where the company started, and from here where lives will be changed and goals achieved.  Those seeking housing are encouraged to inquire.  Those seeking to help us are encouraged to inquire as well.

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